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Organic, because it matters

We made the committment to grow organically in 2015. As we've learned more about the impact of pesticides and GMOs on us and on the planet, we realized we couldn't justify feeding our family organics and selling our customers grapes that were grown with harmful chemicals. We are not currently certified organic but we are looking into the certification process and may get certified down the road.

Growing at 4700ft

Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the high deserts of Utah, the Grand Valley AVA provides a wonderful growing climate. High daytime temperatures and 300+ days of sunshine every year gives us great sugar and color development (think inky). Cool Night-time temps let the plants rest and fix the sugar. While very little rain (about 8 inches per year), helps reduce pest pressure and control berry development at harvest time.

To learn more about the benefits of High Altitude Growing, here is an article from some PhDs at UC Davis.

Available Grapes

2016 Harvest

Expected Dates: October 1-10, 2016
Expected Tonnage:
10 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon - $1800/ton
10 tons of Merlot - $1600/ton

Contact us at moc.sdrayenivnoomtresed@ofni